a fun, flirty, well-dressed barista who strives to find meaning in her work. Her customers are often left wondering if they have just been served by a friendly barista or they were flirting with a bombshell. She never wavers from her up-beat and bubbly demeanor and feels very strongly that, as a person working in customer service, she HAS to keep the smiles coming no matter how she feels inside. With this much kindness comes deep sensitivity as Jaz is the only barista on the team who is known to cry if yelled at by a customer.

Comics: 74
Recent Appearance: Psychic Ability is Necessary for Good Service
First Appearance: Friendly Barista


She's an artist and can’t be bothered to care about her day job! She will jump right over the counter to sarcastically and aggressively apologize to a customer for high prices. She will actually draw a customer in her sketchbook while he is standing right in front of her. Beth is basically a hipster barista who will judge your beverage order, and continue texting on her phone even if she’s seen you trying to order. She is full of angst and opinions, and will only work hard if she absolutely has to.

Comics: 69
Recent Appearance: SECRET MENU SECRETS
First Appearance: Manners


A good barista... but is clinically depressed. He uses work as a means to escape from the reality of his life and emotions. His mom passed away recently and he prefers the hectic and unrelenting atmosphere at work to his home life. At work, he takes pride in his successes. He loves making latte art, perfecting his coffee knowledge, and connecting with his colleagues and kind customers.

Comics: 66
Recent Appearance: Ordering Take-Out From Work
First Appearance: The Usual


Has no mouth. Just look at him. He has NO mouth! He doesn’t speak. He is the bad barista. He hates coffee, hates customers, messes up orders, doesn’t finish tasks and is often verbally abused by most of the patrons he comes into contact with. His thought bubbles often reveal that he is cheeky, but malicious!

Comics: 44
Recent Appearance: Eating Schedule
First Appearance: Out of Coffee